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LA Times Book Festival

Two weekends ago already, I went to the L.A. Times Book Festival. Lots of enthusiastic book lovers! I went to some good panels: three on nonfiction, two of them on science and one on art, as well as some fiction ones, including one on fantasy and science fiction. And was drawn moth-to-a-flame like to one of the discount book “booths” where some people were carrying stacks of books prior to paying. I admired their stamina. I only bought two, though one was a fat one, and vowed in future to only buy books (if I could not resist their siren call) at the end of the day so I would not have to lug them around for long. There was a full house(in the large Bovard auditorium for Margaret Atwood’s talk Sunday about the making of her The Handmaid’s Tale into a TV show. (I wished she’d talked also about some of her newer work.) The day before some people were startled when, as a promotion for that show, a line of young women, two by two, dressed as Handmaids in the red dresses and white bonnets, with hands folded, and eyes downcast, walked past the crowds. One woman on catching sight of them, squawked, “That’s, that’s from that thing.” I’m guessing she hadn’t read the book.

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