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An introduction.

This is Susan Rukeyser, borrowing this space to thank you for welcoming me to your last meeting. I look forward to joining you regularly. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself here: 

“Where are you from?” might be my least favorite question. Born in London, England, I grew up in New York City commuter towns, comfortable suburbs that felt all wrong. I dreamt mostly of escape. Since then I’ve lived all over: San Francisco, Seattle, the north of England, central New Jersey, the Texas Panhandle, metro Atlanta, and elsewhere. For a while I owned a tiny used bookstore in New York’s Hudson Valley. It was there that I found inspiration for what became Not On Fire, Only Dying (Twisted Road Publications, 2015), my debut novel.

I was a Senior Book Buyer for the wholesaler Baker & Taylor until I left to devote myself to writing and mothering and caring for an assortment of rescued cats and dogs. In September 2017 my son left for college and I fled to Joshua Tree. My writing explores rootlessness and deliberately chosen homes.

My short fiction, creative nonfiction, and multimedia work appear in numerous publications including Hippocampus Magazine, Atticus Review, WhiskeyPaper, and SmokeLong Quarterly. A full list of publications and my shamefully infrequent blog posts can be found here: I do some freelance editing and would love to do more. It satisfies the rules-obsessed grammarian in me while leaving the artist free to do her work.

I write to escape, to belong, and because I can’t stop. Believe it, I’ve tried.


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Susan Rukeyser

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  1. Very nice intro. I remember very little about your father’s financial show, but I remember it was broadcast from Owings Mills, MD.

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