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Desert Writers Guild Rules – The Desert Writers Guild
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Desert Writers Guild Rules



Rules and Submission Guidelines

  1. Our guild will meet the first and third Thursday of the month, September through June. The exceptions are: November and December for the holidays.
  2. The meeting time is from 1:30 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. at Pizza Hut Pizza in Twentynine Palms.
  3. The first thirty minutes will be our business meeting. The rest of the meeting is devoted to Readings, Critiques, or presentations.
  4. Officers are President, Secretary, Treasurer, Outreach and Membership Chairperson. The elections will be held the last meeting in May.
  5. Since the purpose of the Desert Writers Guild is to offer support for beginning and established authors, we will use the time from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. for readings and critiques. Reading time depends on the number of writers bringing their material.
  6. We will publish an anthology. Members wishing to include their writing may do so, however, those that pay a $10.00 fee to cover printing costs and are known as Contributing Members and receive a free annual. Former residents will be offered the option of being members at large.
  7. All submissions for the annual must be received by the last meeting in February so that the editor has time to type them up.
  8. All submissions should be read to the group beforehand. Our comments do not mean that your submission is not acceptable, except under the content guidelines below. However, if you do not read it to the group, your submission MAY be edited by the editor for content, length, etc. In other words, all decisions of the editor ARE final.
  9. CONTENT – Most writing is acceptable including poetry. But if your writing consists of nothing but four-letter words, please remember that this is a book designed to be read by all members of a family. Stories the group feels should not be included are:
    1. religious tracts
    2. political polemics
    3. stories with gratuitous sex or violence (keep it “R” not “X”)
  10. Plays and screenplays, by their very lengths, cannot be accommodated in our limited page anthology; however, one-act of a play/screenplay may be allowed if it falls within the page and content limitations.
  11. The length of submissions and the number of submissions by each author will be determined each year based on the number of authors submitting work. Generally, however, submitted work or works should total no more than 10 (8½x11”) pages, single-sided, and single-spaced. That would give an author about 20 pages in our 5½”x 8” annual. Of course, less material is acceptable and if we have room, more stories can be submitted.

Contact Information: Francis Moss, President. fcmoss [at] gmail [dot] com

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