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Bea Chambers

B. G. Chambers retired from the United States Army in January 2005 after nearly thirty years of service. She and her husband of thirty-five years have three grown children and four grandsons living throughout the Western United States, another Grandson died in infancy.

When not writing, she is active in church activities with Lutheran Church of the Desert and caring for a number of cast off animals that she has collected over time. She also is an avid gardener and enjoys cooking, baking and canning.


bchambers_bookHer first book, My Life in the Sandbox, followed her 378 day excursion in Iraq in 2003-2004.



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  1. Bea Chambers is one of the most ethical, moral and spiritual people I have had the honor to know and serve with over my years in the Army Chaplain Corps. I have a copy of her book (autographed) and had the honor of her mentioning me as a mentor to her. The truth is that she was a greater mentor to me. Her writing is a personal and professional contribution to our understanding of these wars.

  2. Hi Bea!

    I am a librarian in the area and I would like to network with a few local authors for a collaboration.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Thank you, Mary

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