6 Times You Need to Hire an SEO Blogger

Do you need an SEO blogger? There seems to be a great debate about the validity of SEO in general these days.

What’s the reality?

The more you blog, the more traffic your new content attracts to your website or your Amazon product pages. If you promote those blogs (i.e. social media, guest posting, etc) the more potential you have for engagement with your clients.

And if you hire an SEO blogger to develop a strategy with you that hits on specific terms folks might be searching for … you get the idea.

SEO for Bloggers

Whatever SEO strategy you’re following these days, blogging for business is still a good thing. A great thing. Hire an SEO blogger if:

You launch a new campaign.

When you first get started with blogging, it’s best to publish a chunk of new content. That means up to 10 blogs just to show off your website – so it looks like you’ve been in the game a while.

You aren’t getting it right.

An SEO blogger knows how to put keywords correctly in your blogs, make it sound natural and optimize the content for SEO. If your blog isn’t performing very well, a three (yes three) month stint with a good SEO blogger can increase your traffic and start getting you results.

You aren’t keeping up with your blogging.

Once a month blogs are too infrequent to do you much good. Unless you have a great big list you promote to regularly, plus systems set-up so you passively (ads? referral partners? guest post columns?) receive additional website traffic your blog will stagnate.

Instead, let an SEO blogger program at least four posts a month into your blog to continually get your name out there. (Plus it’s easy to pay one low monthly copywriting package rate to make sure this gets done.)

You want to introduce a new product.

How will you talk about your new product or service? Let an SEO blogger draft you several beautiful pieces, set them to publish, and ensure that you don’t drop the ball on making absolutely sure you get the publicity you want.

You don’t have a marketing staff.

Typically, your marketing department is responsible for keeping an eye on the performance of your blog. The IT guy might fill in, too. A amazon seo services copywriter can compensate for those who don’t know diddly about making your blog work for you. (Uh huh I’m totally implying that your IT guy is not a writer. Sorry.)

You have a temporary need.

Any time you have a temporary need, someone in freelance marketing might be a great choice to come on board, do the job, and get out of dodge. Marry this into your budget to ensure you get a nice ROI on the work they do.

And yes, you’re going to continue to hear lots of hoopla about SEO blogging, what it means, how it works and who can do what. But the bottom line is simple: the more effort you put in to marketing, the more you get out.

The more blogs you write, the more potential you have for results…that’s it..

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