About Me


I’m Jennifer.

I started to get interested in the Internet for several years, I still remember when Netscape was all inside a floppy disk (who knows if there are still floppy!)

In those years I shared between the Internet and the university studies, I graduated in Spanish American languages and literature’s.

In Summary I would say that my two main interests were the world of web and writing, the latter brought me to work as a translator.

Translating is a nice activity but somehow I felt that there was something I missed and that could represent me better and how I wanted.

However, I dedicated myself to my business as a translator and later to Webwriter for some blogs, continuing to think about how to give a new way to my interests and find a more exciting way.

Until the moment when I decided to follow a course in webmarketing and infomarketing. Months and months of enthusiastic study allowed me later to look at writing from a different angle.

Well suddenly I turned on a light bulb and I found a way to do get along Web and write: the copywriting!

What did I do then? I started studying copywriting material, mostly in English, but also in Italian, and in a more specific way I studied copywriting for direct sales using Internet Tools.

I studied well everything you can find in Italian and I spent months studying a lot of books of the great copywriters of the past (you know, the classics are fundamental to build solid foundations), both of contemporaries.

All this training and study continue for sure and at the same time they are orienting me towards my new professional activity.

I decided to put my knowledge available to the Italian public, since here we resources (all very valid) are not many but the desire for copywriting is so much!