Online marketing and the success of a book

A few days ago I was reading a newspaper and I could follow the story of a very young American writer and her impeccable example of marketing and publishing success.

The story in short: the girl decides to write a book of fantasy genre and sends it to a series of publishing houses. Publishers do not consider the novel interesting and do not publish it.

The girl who in the meantime had decided to make herself known in forums and blogs of fantasy lovers, decided to self-produce.

Online Marketing

He lists it on Amazon and sells the digital book amazon product listing optimization for a dollar. Final of the story, he sold his book for 2 (two!) Million dollars, became an editorial case and finally attracted renewed interest from publishers.

Why did I decide to talk about this story in this blog?

Mainly because there are some really interesting steps for those who want to learn how to move with a marketing plan.

Because this is an exemplary story for those who want to decide to move in non-institutional or traditional paths, call them as you wish.

Because the new internet tools, the possibilities of direct marketing (Direct Response Marketing) and online copywriting can be very important for those who are tired of having to move in environments and paths that only offer frustrations.

Who wants to reinvent a new professional future, those who start taking their first steps into the world of work, women of all ages who do not find a valid interlocutor for their skills and competences …

The tools of marketing and copywriting

In short, there is a large part of this country that could seriously take advantage of the tools of marketing and copywriting to not have to suffer but become an interpreter of its future.

I’ll go back to the American writer for a moment and I’ll show you what were the steps you followed for the publication of your book:

1 Starts from something that can do and that fascinates her – writing novels

2 Finds a large audience that is passionate about the narrative genre that she likes and writes about

3 Begins to be known and appreciated by that sector of the public

4 Chooses to publish the book in a digital format and relies on Amazon

5 Becomes an editorial success

From this story I have drawn a beautiful lesson, as well as a strong encouragement and you? Do not you think this story?

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