Pets, Hemp Oil, Anxiety, Cancer, Insomnia and Depression! Here’s a Read!

According to results derived from a systematic review by one of the top most global research units, the hormone produced by the pineal gland has a huge role to play in aiding anxiety, cancer, depression and sleep. Hemp oil aides pets to relax, controls wakefulness and sleepiness to a great extent. Clearly, you have a reason to try hemp oil for pets in your quest to relieve anxiety, cancer, depression and sleep.

Do not jump the gun stating how and why it is used for aiding these ailments, what are its other functions – it is important to note certain specifics about the same.

To start off with – this hormone is produced in your pets body by serotonin and synthesized by the pineal gland. Now, since this is an endocrine gland, it gets activated only at night to produce this hormone.

hemp oil for pets
Hemp oil for pets

How does it work?

Located above the mid-brain, pineal gland starts secreting the hormone when the retina identifies darkness. Since retina has photo-receptor cells which help detect light or darkness, it can guide this gland accordingly in the production of this hormone.

Clearly, with physiological changes in the human body, courtesy to the level of hormone generated, your pets routine will be affected (albeit in the positive manner). Therefore, this becomes the reason for hemp oil for being a relief for anxiety, cancer, depression and sleep in your pet.

Why must you buy melatonin?

It is now time to get to certain details associated with this hormone. Apart from being secreted by endocrine gland, this hormone is also available in specific fruits, vegetables, olive oil, wine and aromatic plants. Yet, most pet owners tend to take hemp oil via a vial to improve the quality of life in your pet. In that respect, you must note it can help in the following other ailments.

  • too much barking or meowing
  • zero energy
  • pain from osteoarthritis, bite wounds or cancer
  • seizures or cramp
  • aggression towards other pets

A parting shot

Well, quite a host of benefits, is it not?

Hemp oil manufacturers all have different dosages for all types of pets. Hemp oil for pets is most widely used in dogs, cats and horses.

Below are the average recommended dosages:


For small dogs (under 20lbs):

1 drop = 0.5mg of organic hemp oil

For medium dogs (20lbs – 60lbs):

1 drop = 1mg of organic hemp oil

For large dogs (60lbs and over):

1 drop = 1mg of organic hemp oil


The suggested starting dose is 1 mg – 5 mg per 10 lbs. of body weight. For cats, it is recommended to start with 1-5 mg.

Arthritis: 0.5 milligrams (mg) of CBD per kilogram of your pet’s weight (0.5 mg/kg) twice a day

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: 0.2mg/kg twice daily

Pancreatitis: 0.1mg/kg twice daily and gradually increase to 0.5mg/kg twice daily

Asthma: 0.5mg/kg twice daily


Please speak to you vet as the hemp oil dosage for horses varies dramatically on various factors.

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