Twitter for Those Who Have an Online Business – Part 2

I continue with the post on Twitter.

After following all the steps to open an account it is time to follow the messages of all those people that you are interested in one way or another. How to do it? Read the following and put it into practice one step after the other.

1 Follow who you are interested in go to your Twitter account and log in, then at the top you will see the search option, enter the name of the person you are interested in following, from the send and you will see a new page where one or more profiles are indicated , search result.


2 Click on the profile that you want to follow, if it is the person you were looking for you can decide to follow it, following the messages and updates click on follow

3 At this point you can control who is following the person you follow, you have to click on followers and you will see the list of all the profiles that follow the person you are following.

4 This is an important step because it is a simple but very effective way to extend your network of Dutch sterke slaappillen contacts and know in real time all the news and updates that affect them

5 Among the people you follow some will decide to follow you, not all of course but, little at a time with this system your followers will increase. In turn, you will be able to introduce your initiatives, your thoughts and if you are a marketer, your products and services

6 Do a keyword search. Always in the “search” bar you can enter a keyword to find all the profiles that talk about it. It is a search that allows you to follow people you do not know but who deal with a given topic, something that interests you very much.

7 Look through the search results by keywords and click on the profile that interests you most, when you’re on his personal page click on “Follow”

8 Other way to follow the things you care about is the list. At the top next to the search bar you can find an icon, click on it and a menu will open, click on “List”. In the new page that you have uploaded click on “Create List”.

Choose a name and description for your list, decide whether to give the list a public visibility or if you want to keep it as a private list.
After entering all the data click on “Save”

9 Add people to the list. Click or go directly to the profile of the person you want to add to your list, click on the gray icon, when you view the menu choose “Add to a list”. Choose the list you wish to register your contact with.
10 Repeat the procedure for other contacts, in this way you can see all the updates of the profiles of that date list

It’s all for the second part of this copywriter post on Twitter..

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