Twitter for Those Who Have an Online Business

I have often thought about the tools and means used to develop an online business. There are things to do, programs, applications and anything else you can’t do without.

Among the most useful tools to gain online visibility is Twitter, the social network that abroad is already enormously widespread. We still can not say that Twitter is just as used, widespread and known but it is now a must know what it is and how it is used.

For this reason I thought to write a guide to the use of Twitter, a series of two or three practical articles and designed to let you use Twitter right away.


If you are a copywriter to other customers, if you have to promote yourself, if you are thinking about how to give more visibility to your online business you have to read this here. I’ll take you step by step to master the use of this fast-growing social network.

In this way you will increase your receptfria sömntabletter audience, you can make your products and services known from a huge audience. Twitter is critically important to build and increase the list of potential customers.

But let’s start right away with the first part of this practical guide to using Twitter effectively for your online business.

I divided the guide into 2 parts, I’ll introduce you one part at a time and in the meantime you have made your official entry in a reality that you can not afford to ignore if you do business with the internet

First step: Open your Twitter account

1 go to the Twitter homepage and click on Subscribe

2 Enter all the required data in the registration form (name, password etc.) and then click on Subscribe to Twitter

3 Enter your name or choose a nick name, which is a pseudonym. The username will be the name with which you’ll appear in your Twitter profile

4 As soon as your profile is uploaded click on next

5 Now you will be asked if you want to read what categories are in Twitter, this is to understand what your tastes and interests, click Skip this step if you do not want to enter this type of information

6 You will be asked to search for your friends on Twitter, you can decide to do this search starting from the email account. You can decide to ignore this step. You don’t have to worry because these last two steps you can also complete later. You can click on search contacts or in the line below to skip this step

7 After clicking you open the page of your Twitter profile

8 Read up and you will find the alert to authenticate your email so you have all the available Twitter options and active

9 Open your email inbox and check the email that Twitter sent you (if you do not see it, check in the spam folder, the message could be finished in that folder)

10 Open the Twitter email, the email header will be. Confirm your Twitter account, you have to click on the link that comes to you

11 After clicking your Twitter profile is fully active and ready to contain your messages. You may decide to start with the write: I have just subscribed/enrolled on Twitter… or what you prefer.

12 Have you noticed that next to your username there is still no photo or avatar? Well typically Twitter assigns an image of the profile that is standard for all new subscribers. In the next part I’ll explain how to insert an image in your Twitter profile and many other things

Here it is, your first step in the world of Twitter is accomplished, in the next part I’ll show you all the other features and tools so you can use them successfully in your online business.

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