Upgrade Your Fashion Statement with Style Guide for Matching Pashmina!

If you admire soft wool clothing, you must know the special place, the pashmina hold in a woman’s wardrobe collection. Its name is derived from “Pashm”, a Persian term meaning soft wool. The pashmina fabric originated in the Himalayan valleys of Kashmir and Nepal.

Hair of special Himalayan goats is sheared off to make a woollen yarn for weaving the shawl. As the hair is six times thinner than a human hair, it is hand-woven. The delicate weaving brings softness to the pashmina  fabric.

Living at an altitude of 14,000 feet, these particular goats produce incredibly soft and warm wool once every year.

The wrap’s association with royalty never lost the appeal. With passing time, it has become even more popular and demanded. These pashmina wraps are now woven with blended silk fabric as well. With the variation induced, you can find a pashmina in different colours and sizes.

Standing out among all colours is the classic black pashmina which can be teamed up with different outfits in style to fit the mood and tradition of the event.

The colour black is in itself a very versatile colour which matches perfectly with most of the colour shades. It complements the look you carry.

A pashmina in black brings elegance and sophistication to the matched outfit.

Some Brilliant Ideas for teaming up your black pashmina!

  • A Long Sleeve Lace Mini Dress for a perfect dinner night.

Cover a cashmere drape in black around you when going for a dinner with that special one. A black drape around this nude shaded dress gives your look a sophisticated undertone, riding high on elegance. Mesmerize the onlookers and collect your date’s compliments.

  • Evening strolls in white ASOS Design Lace Insert Playsuit.

Pair this white playsuit with Embroidered Espadrille Sandals for an enhanced appeal. White will bring serenity to your look in any environment. A black pashmina draped around adds an exquisite beauty to your style statement. Enjoy the special outing and bring pride to your companions with the outfit combo.

  • A red Boohoo High Leg Swimsuit on the beach.

Do not settle for anything less than a red and black classy swimsuit and cashmere drape on that beach outing! Pamper yourself with the drape’s softness and make the onlookers drool with the black-red match.

  • A marriage-function in navy blue Girl In Mind Midi Dress.

Want to look as attractive as the bride with minimal accessories and make-up? Go for this dark blue dress of medium length. Flaunt your long legs wearing the River Island Metallic Barley Heeled Sandals.

Oh! And don’t miss draping yourself with a classy black wrap for bringing that oomph factor!

  • Rock the formals with Mango Button Mini Skirt and Closet London High Neck Blouse.

Now is the time to bring style in your formals by wearing a skirt and blouse draped with a sophisticated black pashmina! Bring confidence to your style statement with these London Rebel Mid-Block Heeled Shoes. Your friends at the office are going to swoon in awe of it.

With all these fashion tips, you have a clear idea of how to upgrade your style statement with an elegant pashmina. Stay assured that these combinations will change how you are perceived among the fashion conscious “pundits” around you.