Where to Start your Copywriting, a Practical Guide in 30 steps – Part 2

I continue with the second part of the checklist to write a sales letter for your clients or to promote your products and services.

Practical Copywriting Guide

Here you find the second part

11 The potential customer. Who is he? Is he a man or a woman? What is your age? What kind of work do you do? What style of life do you have? What are your economic resources?
What are your fears, needs, problems?
How will you use the product?
What will you find it interesting?
What advantages will it derive from the purchase of the product, what problems will it have from the non-purchase?

12 Objections. Why could they decide not to buy the product?

13 Sponsors and testimonials. Do you have opinions of people who have already bought the product? You can count on famous people (this type of sponsor is very well recommended by Dan Kennedy, one of the most important contemporary copywriters)

14 Negative feedback and complaints from dissatisfied customers. Are there letters, emails, phone calls from people who have purchased the product or service you want to promote?

15 Physiognomy How do you promote the product? Is this an advertisement for magazines, flyers? Is it about sending emails? Video or spot?

16 Purposes What should be achieved by promoting the service or product? Visitors, contacts, direct traffic to a site, building a list?

17 Will the offer be offered a trial period? An initial price? Will there be any bonuses or premiums? Will you offer free high-value information?

18 Call to action How will you say to buy and how to buy?

19 Your budget How much money is available for the advertising campaign?

20 Your time How long do you need to finish the project?

Many of the points listed can serve, rather they are used by all advertisers, including copywriters who work for agencies. They are all important also for freelance copywriters and for those who work in (from us) a very recent world of persuasive writing for direct sales.

I will finish the list in the next article so stay tuned Where to start your copywriting, a practical guide in 30 steps.

good luck and … pursue your dreams.

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